What Diamond Shape Should You Buy

What Diamond Shape Should You Buy?

A cushion shape diamond looks like this:
Tip: Make sure the depth is less than 70 for best results.
Warning: Know the difference between a crushed ice and chunky cushions. Everyone has different preferences so pick according to your choice.
Chunky cushions have clearly defined facets like above and crushed ice stones have less discernible facets.

An asscher cut diamond looks like this:
Tip: An asscher cut diamond is a step cut diamond. Step cut diamonds are not as bright as other diamond shapes and very easily show their inclusions. People who usually buy step cut diamonds want to accentuate the diamond’s clarity. Aim for better clarities with this cut.
Warning: We recommend a 60 to 69 depth and lower depths make the stone look bigger, which is in your advantage. Be wary of higher depths.

We will talk about other appealing diamond shapes next week. For any questions about diamonds, email me at [email protected] for free advice.