Whats With All These Diamond Shapes

What’s With All These Diamond Shapes

House of Diamonds believes in giving back and therefore, today we will teach you all about diamond shapes to better inform diamond investors and consumers.
There are twelve types of MAJOR diamond shapes! THAT’S RIGHT, TWELVE!
In general, round diamonds are more expensive than any other shapes. Fancy- shaped diamonds are priced differently, heart-shape being the most expensive out of the fancy shapes.
So what are all these diamond shapes? I will give you a step by step information guide regarding these shapes.

Before I start giving you diamond buying tips according to shape, remember to always ask for a GIA cert if available and to buy from wholesalers, because they can most likely give you a better price than retailers.

I am giving you nonbiased advice as our diamonds are listed on retailer websites as well as on our own website(www.houseofdiamond.net). You can see the price difference for yourself.

1 Round

A round shape looks like this:|
Tip: The cut is very important so ask for the GIA cert and check the cut rating. Excellent is the best rating possible, telling you that the diamond is cut well and that the diamond’s cut represents the value of the carat size of the diamond. For instance, some diamonds can have very high depths, which can cause its appearance to look smaller relative to its diamond weight.
Warning: A black inclusion in a stone is much worse than another type of inclusion, so be wary of that factory when buying a stone.

2 Princess

A princess shape looks like this:
Princess Shape Diamond
Curious why this beautiful shape is cheaper than a round diamond? The reason is simple. When House of Diamonds manufactures diamonds, we get a higher yield from a rough diamond if we cut a princess diamond rather than a round diamond, therefore, a princess diamond costs more per carat.
Tip: Inclusions are tolerable near the edges as they can be covered by prongs when the princess cut is set on a ring.

Warning: Watch out for the tips of the diamonds, they should not be broken or chipped!

3 Emerald Cut

An emerald cut diamond looks like this:
Tip: The emerald cut offers many reflections due to its steps(lines). Therefore, we advise you buy a clarity higher than what you would buy for other stones. The emerald cut could really appeal to you if you, like many others, appreciate the Hall of Mirrors effect it creates, where it reflects light in many different angles.
Warning: We have covered three shapes already today, and now I will continue to teach you more about diamonds tomorrow.


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